Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Klimatas

Get to know us better with this introduction section. You can always contact us if you need any further assistance.

Klimatas is a cryptocurrency with a real usecase. Klimatas will be used to invest in sustainable projects. We base our projects around the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

Klimatas B.V. is registered as a company in The Netherlands.

The Klimatas Hub is the main platform for our project. People can invest coins here. This can be one of our listed coins. We are currently developing the investment platform which will be integrated. People can use this to invest in sustainable projects.

Our team reaches out to companies and will create it's own ideas. We like to research and build solar farms, for example.

Our mission is to improve the speed of making our world more sustainable. At this moment things are moving to slow. With the power of the blockchain we connect a big network of investors to the real problems in the world. All our projects will be based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

2. Hub usage

We answer some standard questions to get you started using our Hub

If you want to register an account at the Hub, go to the register page. We require a few details from you to get your account registered in our database.

Yes, you can! When you are logged in you can enable Two Factor Authenticatiom. After enabling this, you need a One Time Password to login, send coins and change your settings.

When you register an account, only a Klimatas wallet address will be generated by default. If you wish to generate other wallet addresses, you can go to the wallets page and generate an address for the coin you want to deposit. After generating it you can use it direct. Every transaction requires 4 confirmations

To view your transactions, go to the transactions page. By default all type of transaction from every wallet will be shown. On the right side of the page you can filter the results on coin, type and date.

Just deposit your coins. Once they are in your wallet, you are earning masternode rewards! Can't make it more simple than that ;)

3. Fees

There are a few fees involved in using the Hub. You can see here which ones.

If you want to send coins, there will be charged 0.01 coins in the currency you are using.