Listing information

Listing information

What is Klimatas?

With a goal to help promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations, Klimatas is built to provide a hub through which investors can contribute to projects that will help put an end to some of the world’s biggest challenges, including poverty, climate change and global hunger.

New SDG projects will be revealed to Klimatas (KTS) coin holders through the Klimatas hub, allowing forward thinking investors to participate in projects that both benefit the world, and generate a healthy return on investment. Throughout the coming months, Klimatas will also look to partner with other SDG-conscious projects to help kick-start some much-needed progress in the space.

Whether you are simply looking to help build a better world, or simply want to learn more about the problems impacting society today, then Klimatas can help you do so. As part of the Klimatas solution, KTS coin holders can also run a Klimatas masternode, and earn rewards for doing so.

About the Hub

With the Klimatas hub, operating a masternode couldn’t be simpler. To get involved, users simply need to create an account and deposit coins to begin automatically sharing a masternode, and begin receiving regular rewards. In time, masternodes owners will be able to automatically reinvest their rewards in sustainable projects, providing an additional source of income.

Since Hub masternodes are already hosted, investors are able to avoid the often complicated process of setting up the masternode themselves — removing a significant barrier to entry, and allowing more users to benefit from the features masternodes offer.

Through the Hub, investors both large and small can invest in shared masternodes, staking as few or as many coins as they like, and receiving a proportional share of the masternode rewards. Hub users maintain complete freedom over their investments, and can withdraw their stake at any time, without any unnecessary unstaking period.

Acting as the backbone for the Klimatas sustainable development ecosystem, the Hub will evolve into more than just a masternode management suite, with plans to launch the Klimatas Online Educative Platform in the near future — helping to evangelize sustainable development goals, and spread awareness about recent developments.

Why List Your Coin on the Klimatas Hub?

With the Klimatas hub, your project can reach a greater audience, while helping both cryptocurrency novices and experts alike both invest in your promising project, with the option to contribute to advancing progress on sustainable development goals.

If you are passionate about sustainable development, then perfect! If not, that’s not a problem. We want high-quality projects of all types and sizes to be listed on the hub, helping to expose our growing community to a wide variety of investment options.

The advent of shared masternodes means even investors without sufficient collateral for a full node can help grow and secure your blockchain, while sharing the benefits of doing so with their co-stakers. This system makes running a masternode more accessible than ever before, opening the opportunity to the crypto community at large.

Listed projects benefit from exclusive placement within the Klimatas hub, with links to the website and important socials included as standard. Beyond this, Klimatas users will be provided with up to date information about the number of masternodes hosted, and the current amount of project tokens stored.

All masternodes listed on the Klimatas Hub are offered with 24/7 support by our team of dedicated specialists, ensuring any issues are handled swiftly. This support is available on a variety of platforms, including a live chat on the Hub, as well as community support channels on both Discord and Telegram.

Sounds Good, But What is the Catch?

Now, you might be thinking, this sounds too good to be true? Surely, there must be a catch? Well, there isn’t! That being said, not all projects are eligible for listing on the Klimatas hub, as we will be performing due diligence on applicants, ensuring that only genuine projects with long-term potential are listed.

Approved projects will not bear any costs associated with their Hub listing, instead, to keep the platform running, we charge users a low monthly fee of just $2.49 if paid in KTS, or $4.49 if paid in other coins. Listing your masternode on the Klimatas hub will require at least one masternode to start. If your project has several masternode tiers or types, then the one/s you choose to provide as an instant node is entirely at your discretion.

We encourage projects of all sizes to apply. If you think you can add value to the Hub, please complete this form to apply. We will reach out to successful projects using the information provided. Or for Klimatas (KTS) coin holders, visit the hub here to participate in the process.

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